Don’t be scared to be scared!

Fear can be handily transformed into fun with the screaming-joking skeletons, witches and sundry monsters in the original design of Halloween topic in Mexican-style holiday Dia de los muertos.

The unusually inventive love story of skeletons Conchita Maňana and Pedro Muert is colorful, playful, full of joke and hidden meanings. And especially – it is to be continued!

Project details
Project name
HALLOWEEN – autumn decoration for Tatralandia

Tatry Mountain Resorts, a.s.

Created for
Aquapark Tatralandia, Liptovský Mikuláš, SK

since 2016

Game with space

The sophisticated compositional solution of space in conjunction with optical play with colors and light we bring a powerful visual experience and we open up creative leisure time activities.

Artistic environment

We create an artistic environment from oversized decorations which integrate interactive artistic objects with kinetic and acoustic features, which we specially designed and created for the amusement aquapark environment.

Each object is high art level unique with accurately crafted details which is designed to interact with a visitor.


Creatives, professionals, craftsmen... simply put - people who are enthusiastic and dedicated about project implementation.